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Who we are?

We are refugees!

  • Refugees and people who walked with them. 

  • We are people who have gone through and felt the pain and difficulties that a refugee has gone through and goes through.

  • We are people who are dedicated to seeking resources, bringing solutions so that the refugee can achieve a better life.

  • We believe in the insertion of the person through full reception: social, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Our mission?

Create bridges between Refugees and Companies, through the awareness of entrepreneurs (of their share of responsibility) of the use of qualified and directed labor, in addition to the positive impact on society that this generates for partner companies.

Our values

Equality, Humanity, credibility, dedication, compassion, spiritual and psychological awareness.

The process

  1.  Refugee Registration, with their qualifications and needs.

Through training and interaction with the Refugee, we were able to identify their need and capabilities to be inserted into the job market, including seeking qualifications from partners and partner entities, such as SEBRAE.

2. Seek the necessary partnership with companies to include them in job vacancies, demonstrating the social side of this attitude, but also the hiring of a qualified workforce.

Available vacancies are offered through our social media channels, as well as through a refugee profile analysis for that vacancy.
In this analysis, we take into account your previous experience, as well as the courses taken by the NGO, and we also analyze the question of traditions, cultural and religious context, so that the vacancy to be filled is fully satisfied.

In direct contact with the Refugee, we were able to identify their abilities and needs, and better direct a professional referral. This contact also serves for insertion in the social environment.


If you are company 


If you are a refugee 

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