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7  FORMAS  DE  SE_cc781905-5cde-3194-bad_bb3b-1

1.  Donating MONEY.

2.  Donating MATERIALS;  clothes, household utensils, food, among others.

3.  EMPLOYING; you can give employment opportunity in your trade or company.

4.  Giving up a SPACE; if you have a hall, house, apartment or other place that the NGO can use in a project. 

5.  DISCLOSING; on their social networks, to friends and family, the NGO Refúgio Brasil.

6.  PARTICIPATING; donating hours of your day or week to activities, events or courses we hold for refugees.

7.  LECTURES; generating opportunities for our team to speak in schools, companies, universities, churches and other places about the NGO and the projects carried out.

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